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Upcyled utility bags:
Over 100million sq.feet of fabric is wasted in garment units every year. This group of women from ilai studio upcycle discarded factory cut waste fabrics bags into bags for your everyday use.

Wholesale Cloth bags:
The World consumes over 1 million plastic bags every minute. Tulasi Tailoring Network is an all women group striving to make the planet free of disposable plastic bags. Tulasi bags can be used for your events, promotions, festivals and shops.

Organic-Natural bags:
Fabric dyeing has polluted many cities across the world to unlivable conditions. The community of intellectually special girls in Bhoomika are reviving traditional natural dye for global good. Bhoomika products are your best natural companion.

Conscious products shop:
The world needs conscious efforts to make sustainable products. They are small producers with big dreams to change the world for better. Encourage them by using their products and participate in the big dream.

Use these awesome products to promote your brand, fund-raise, spread awareness, package your product, celebrate an event, sell in your shop or just use it for yourself.


Sustainability driven Business Practices 

Our social enterprises makes environment friendly, sturdy and trendy products in safe and inclusive working environments. Each product generates revenue for a needy household.



Be the change you wish to see in the world

Join YellowBag Foundation to empower, educate and create a pro-planet mindset amidst people by learning nature and cultivating conscious consuming habits.